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Let's optimize 

You're stressed. We live in a stressful time. We have been told time and again how 'bad' stress is for your body and mind. What if that were only part of the story? What if you could learn to use your stress? What if you could learn to understand your stress and what it was trying to communicate to you to become more intentional, aware, and resilient? 

Stress Management and Resilience

The Usual Approach

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a studied and extremely effective tool for building resilience and managing your stress. Using the "big 4": positive self-talk, visualization, tactical breathing, and SMART goal setting are the typical approaches used by therapists and clinicians and it works! 

My Approach

Building on the tools gathered with a therapist or on your own and using elements of polyvagal theory and master resilience training we will identify your unique strengths and skills. 

What you can expect

Our work together is a skill building relationship. We will begin with body and breath awareness exercises to bring attention to what is working well and what feels challenging. Breath work and assessment tools (GAT, HRV, SDNN) will be used to track progress. The results are the strengths and assets we naturally have will grow exponentially, eclipsing the challenges so they, too, become assets. For resilience, for life optimization, for clarity, for ease. 

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Is this resonating with you? If so, let's connect! 

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