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Let's find your voice

Speaking in public is the number one fear amongst most people. Even among the world's top performers, when asked to speak, the mind will take over creating an out of body feeling. After completing the task, the speaker asks 'what did I even say?'. 

What's next?

Need help getting better at a task? Hire a teach or coach! However, most public speaking coaches teach the superficial. They teach how to stand, where to put your hands, when to raise your eyebrows, what words to pause before or after, where to look, and a million other small things. Which can be helpful...but only to a select few. 

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Public Speaking & Performing Coaching and Classes

The usual approach

Most public speaking and performance teachers and coaches typically focus on the superficial or external. Where to stand, how to stand, where to put your hands, where to position the eye line, pauses, script changes...the list goes on. This is a completely acceptable and coachable approach and works for several types of people but not all. 

My approach

When we focus on the external or superficial, often the story of what we're trying to impart gets lost. When we don't attend to our nervous system functions, our breath will catch, our hands will sweat, our heart will beat so loudly we can't hear, our voice becomes small and monotone, our hands shake. I will help you access and strengthen your assets as a presenter and work to identify your authentic nature to create compelling and engaging presentations and stories. 

What you can expect

One on one coaching that begins with body awareness and breath exercises. Next we will with through emotional or nervous system gaps that are preventing authentic self expression while strengthening the areas in which you already excel. Next, we will work on your storytelling and audience connection to create an effortless and natural performance and presentation. 

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Is this resonating with you? If so, let's connect!

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