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Lena Hill sitting and giggling

Lena Hill

My name is Lena and I'm here to help.

As a child, I dedicated my life to the arts. I began as a musician, then theatre performer, then on-camera goofball, then voice actor, and then was drawn back to music. I've worked with Oscar and Grammy winners, sang on world famous stages, worked for the top companies in the world, walked red carpets, coached top talent, and was lucky enough to be paid for it all. I loved it.

I also hated it. 

I'm a survivor of long term systemic abuse from both my work and my personal life. I was diagnosed with (chronic) Complex Post Traumatic Stress and embarked on a mission to learn about my condition and how to heal from it. 

And I did. I survived. I healed. I am still healing.

While I was learning about neurology, psychology, pathology, and sociology in my spare time, I was also teaching performers on performance technique, breath and voice, acting, business, and performance anxiety. Teaching became a passion and an obsession. I studied pedagogy and methodologies and honed my abilities as a builder of skills. I taught all skill levels from beginners to seasoned professionals for over 15 years. 

I have combined a unique holistic approach to performance and regulation that has proved successful for my performance students and shippable for anyone seeking skills to heal their nervous systems and learn to rewire their neuro connections. 

And here we are! Performance, resilience, stress management, speaking, voice, nervous system regulation, productivity, embodiment, breath, mindfulness. They are all linked and I'd be honored to show you how. Let's get anchored.

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Certified Public Speaking Coach ✣ Transformation Academy

Certified Trauma Support Specialist ✣ Arizona Trauma Institute

Certified Trauma Counselor ✣ Recovery Academy

Certified Transformation Life Coach ✣ Transformation Academy

BFA Performance ✣ Texas Christian University

Certified Embodiment Coach ✣ International Coaching Federation

Current Masters of Arts Clinical Psychology  Pepperdine University  Complete Date April 2026

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Public Speaking

Learn skills to tell YOUR story authentically. 

Stress Mangement & Resilience

Skills to use in meetings or in traffic. Learning how to train your auto responses. 


Train your automatic responses by allowing emotion to exist safely

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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