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Whether you need help with performing or speaking in public, resilience, nervous system regulation tools, or stress management, let's create a program for your needs and goals. 

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Pick Your Program

Speaking or performing can put your body in nervous system overload. Learn tips to stay anchored and authentic.

Unpopular science backed opinion: stress can be beneficial. Learn how to utilize it and gain resilience. 

Our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are both tools for your wellbeing. Let's anchor both. 

The Details!

✔ 55-minute coaching, via phone or Zoom (1x per week) (1 year plans available)

✔ Bespoke plan fitted to your needs and goals 

✔ Weekly assignments to guide you and break down the process into clear, manageable steps

✔ A reflection before each coaching session to assess your progress and articulate where you need the greatest support

✔ Accountability to stay on track, motivated, encouraged and inspired

✔ Soulful support to help you move through emotional blocks, imposter syndrome, and fears that come up as you step further into your calling as a leader


Anchored is designed to meet you where you are, and give you lifelong tools to keep you anchored. 

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Dreaming of leaping into work that is more deeply aligned with your purpose? Anchored provides intuitive guidance, life tools, and science backed work to help you live authentically and anchored.

Already a professional and want to up your game? Anchored is for entrepreneurs who want to elevate and amplify their voice in alignment with their purpose and goals to bring in more balance and prosperity.

Feeling out of touch with your intentions? Emotions (anxiety, fear, worry, doubt) sometimes get the better of you and get in your way? Learn the neuroscience and learn how to rewire and reprogram your brain.

How Does Anchored Work?

The Anchored program is designed to help you explore and understand your brain and how to optimize it for emotional regulation, stress management, and maximum performance. From discovering your automatic emotional responses to developing your resiliency, this end-to-end program has everything needed to coach ambitious, thoughtful, curious, and productive professionals through their current hang ups to ultimate understanding and mastery of your assets.


Together we’ll activate your strengths and put a stake in the ground.

  • How do I know this will work for me?
    This work is best for curious individuals who are interested in personal development and neurological optimization. All methods are based in clinically studied scientific methods and require a leap of faith and bravery. Schedule a call to find out if this approach is right for you.
  • Can Anchored Hub be hired for a corporate event?
    Absolutely! I have 1 or 2 day packages available. Please refer to this one sheet for more information and give me a call to set up a time to discuss your needs.
  • How does this work, work?
    I am an assets based coach. What that means? Instead of focusing on the thing you need to 'improve' or 'fix', together, we will identify all the things you are a rock star at, and amplify it. I'll guide you through a process of breath work, somatic sensations, and emotion amplification to learn how your middle brain works with your upper brain for you to rewire your responses for mindfulness and intention.
  • What is the investment?
    Initial packages begin at $2000 for 12 sessions.
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